Adding Value to Your Business



Commercial Properties

The visual appearance of your business defines you.

CBM IS committed to providing cleaning services that will present your facility in the best possible condition. 

 Anchorage's #1 Commercial Cleaner

Anchorage's #1 Commercial Cleaner



Your patients want to experience a clean, sanitized medical environment.

   We specialize in physician offices, dental facilities, surgical centers, hospitals, and other health care locations.  

Our medical cleaning staff are certified in cleaning blood borne pathogens and  HIPAA training. 


Schools are where kids and 'germs' go to grow.   So we focus on reducing contagious illnesses by:  

  • Disinfecting highly contaminated surfaces such as door knobs, hand rails, water fountain toggles, etc...
  • Sanitizing restrooms on a daily basis
  • Eliminating dust, mildew and mold to improve air quality
  • Use "Green Cleaning" reducing chemical exposure to children

Floor Maintenance

Safety and apperance starts with a clean floor

We get and keep your floors from looking like "break up" just happened.   


Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets take a beating

snow, rain, dirt, and salt.   


We do not just run a steam cleaner over the carpet and say, "It's clean."

We look at the type of carpet you have and its condition and clean it accordingly.   

We guarantee our work. 


LIFE is stressful enough without having to clean.  

Our crew can take care of it for you.  

Pricing to clean house or apartment

One Bedroom  $140 Two Bedrooms   $175 Three Bedrooms  $195

Carpet Cleaning house or apartment

One Bedroom $115   Two Bedrooms$135  Three Bedrooms  $155