How can you and your employees reduce the risk of catching the flu this season?

1. Get Vaccinated

The most effective way to help prevent the seasonal flu is to get vaccinated with the flu vaccine every year.   You can find a location to get a flu shot near you with the CDC's "Flu Vaccine Finder”    The short-lived pain of getting the shot is worth staying healthy and taking time off work when you want too.

2. Wash Your Hands

This is the easiest way to prevent a lot of illnesses.  We pick up a ton of bacteria and germs from our work desks, break rooms, phones, and more.   It’s always a good habit to wash hands all year long not just during flu season.  

3. Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

The CDC stress the importance of not touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. These areas are very susceptible to germs especially if your hands are have not been washed.

4. Use Your Sick Days

We all have done it or knows that one person in the office that comes to work coughing and sneezing.   The CDC and common sense says to stay home from work, school or evening running errands unless its to the doctors to keep from spreading it to others. 

5. Eat and Sleep Well

Drinking plenty of fluids and filling your diet with nutritious foods to keep your immune system running well.  Get enough sleep to avoid "getting rundown” this will keep your immune system stronger. 


There is no surefire way to fully prevent from getting the flu.  But by practicing these tips is a good way to try to prevent yourself and your office from catching the flu this season.  Also, if you get the flu follow doctors instructions.